Electronic Music, Unit 10

Unit 10 final remix:



The Process!

Song files loaded in and muted. I changed the tempo from 123 bpm to an even 120.

I separated the vocals track into a chorus, verse, bridge, and outro. I found that the verse (different every time) moves right into the chorus (repeated three times) without any pause, so I couldn't separate them without having it sound weird. I kept the same order of arrangement for my remix as it can be heard in the original.


I shrunk the regular song files to give myself more space.
I also added in a Logic session drummer to back up the vocals. Again, although I was generally able to sort the verse, chorus etc into multiples of four bars, the verse only seemed to last 7 bars and three extra notes, rather than an even 8, while the chorus was 8. The original artist may have been intentionally done this. I had to make a choice to sync up the drummer with either the verse or the chorus, and I chose the verse (also in hindsight maybe the chorus would have been better).


I wasn't liking the session drummer and so I replaced it with an Apple drum loop called "Assembly Line Beat".


1. I created a cool sounding lead using retro synth, chord trigger, and arpeggiator.

2. I took a sample audio file from a YouTube video of a Middle Eastern guy saying "Remix it!" because I found the original video and the voice funny. I added this sample in at the beginning. (not sure if this was allowed or not)


1. I modified the "Remix it!" sample to repeat three times quickly, at the very beginning.

2. I re-added a session drummer, but this time as a complement to the main drum loop. As you can see in the screenshot, I limited what the session drummer was allowed to play, so it really did the same thing throughout the song.

3. I took part of the instrumental intro of the original song and started my remix with it. It fades out just as "Remix it!" fires.


I used ES2 to create a really powerful, heavy synth lead. Although it is not connected to a bus, it still follows a "four-on-the-floor" style beat and I really like the way I made it.


The remix is nearing completion now, so I added in a Liverpool Bass that sounds something like the synth lead of the original song. I also reorganized the tracks and modified the drums a little, because there are three versions of the "Assembly Line Beat" (01, 02, and one that is normally 125 bpm but is a lot more bass heavy).


I took part of the original Synth Pads track and played them over the verse, and added in an audio file of a powerful sweep that fires when the chorus starts.


With those finishing touches, the remix is complete!